Install Debian on a Chromebook

So I’ve recently came across this lovely thing, tah is not so spoken in Portugal, which is the ChromeBook. Essentially its a HQ netbook powered by the Chrome OS. I couldn’t believe the specs the last CB had. Ok so hardware is by Samsung, still that finish and the design, allied to it’s quality specs are just superb!

Anyways, I thought: well, this could be great if one was able to install debian on this thing. But it might not be as easy as one may think. So I sniffed I bit around and found this video tutorial that helps on this matter. It’s simple and effective.

I don’t actually own one, but I’m considering buying one, if my old my buys me my current HP dv3. It’s lighter and more portable. Still don’t know how’s the video performance on 720p or 1080p for anime watching.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Install Debian on a Chromebook

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