Sony Xperia U

So my old HTC Hero G2, found its replacement. it’s been a great couple of years for me with it’s company. I bought it second handed two yearas ago. I just wanted at the time a cool and good looking phone that allowed me to introduce myself to android, and that it worked. Also that could allowed me to push it as much as possible in terms of customs roms and that would have a great community support.

But in the last year or so, technology pushed and grew really fast and the poor little hero, couldn’t simply comply with the advancements made in the meantime. Games, apps, even camera software borked. So I had to start and find a new one.

Now I don’t like cheap stuff. And I’m also not a big spender, so I like to aim for something in between with a great compromise between money and quality. After a few time searching, and since I couldn’t afford a HTC Sensation, because, yes, I’m an HTC fanboy, I decided to aim for the Sony Xperia U.

I was glad that they dropped the Ericsson thing on the name. And I was glad to see the insight provided by Ericsson in the last decade or so, alongside with Sony’s tech know-how, is really starting to pay off. I had a sony back in the day when wap was the great new thing and with coloured screen and a SVGA camera! Good phone, thoug.
I’m absolutely loving this new phone. Nice UI, great performance, great battery life, superb screen quality although it doesn’t have a auto-brightness option (weirdly). The only I don’t agree with, is that it doesn’t support a expansion slot. I’m confined to 4gb of storage, and that bootloader is locked!!!

But I think it’s a good tradeoff for the €179 I spend. I got almost 30€ off normal price, and over €60 from the unlocked version, which mine is already and I did it for free.

So it’s a cool phone. I recommend it to anyone who has a legacy phone and want to be a little more up-to-date.
I just wish, sony releases ICS pretty soon for the little Xperia U, since all 2012 Xperia phones, already have ICS running. And that, the bootlader may be unlocked too.

Sony Xperia U

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