Status and vacation

As you may or not ne noticing, i’ve been watching a shitload of movies on the past few weeks or so. This was because I was enjoying my vacations. I kept it simple: went to Italy with by babe for a week and enjoyed a bit of the Portuguese sun for a few days of battery charging.
I didn’t got much rest and I still have trouble falling asleep but i’ll get the hang of it once routine sets in.

I haven’t thoug and sadly, being able to use linux in a regular daily basis. This is because my desktop, died on my while updating the bios. So in best of chances i’ll have it back a month for now, since it’s 30 days the reparing time, and since my laptop doesn’t like Linux, i guess i’ll be off of linux for now, unless i use a old noisy P4 i have stored away.

As for my Sony mobile, after a month of usage, i gotta admit, i’m pretty satisohied with it overall. But, and there’s always a but, i cant update it. Why? well, because i bought it to my carrier, and as a policy of this particular carrier, sony updates aren’t available to my phone!!! Wich sucks big time. But i paid a visit to my carrier a 4 days later a got a call saying that it’s possible to update it on store or if not it had to be repaired. Now i know that they will try to update it on store like i’ve tried and like anyone could do at home, but i’ll give it a go, since it wll be a sony guy updating.

it’s all for now. Hopefully i’ll be more tech posting and stuff, in a near future. Thoug i have to say, i miss encoding :p

Status and vacation

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