This weeks try-outs

This week, I’ve been playing with debian, as you knw my favorite backbone *nix OS. and also as you know my desktop is repairing. So i decided to pull out from the storage room an old P4 and play with and trying to install a small light weight linux distro. My original idea? Crunchbang! light stable and debian based system, pretty good for old hardware.

Anyways this P$ is for testing pourposes, so i wanted it strupped of all useless hardware, so i took off the optical drive: improving heat issues and all and changed it from a 650w power unit to a 420w one.

So, like i usually do, i downloaded the brand new iso, put it on a usb stick and BAMM! NO LUCK?!?! YYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!…

Well, apparently my motherboard doesnt detect usb sticks for some reason. So i though i have to hook up an optical drive… but i also didnt wanted to burn a dvd with #! since it’s sized went over 700mb (wich i dont agree with not one bit, but, Corenominal is the man, and he must have his reasons for it. So one thing came to my mind: A MINI.iso!!

So the plan was to run a mini iso, and to add some features closely enough to #!. So that’s whats keeping my tome around Linux this week. I had to ask around the packages details and read, compare and shit, until i finnaly got to the final needed imo packages to be successful but, I’ve been having a few problems with it, so, stay tuned.

This weeks try-outs

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