Here’s Jessie!!!

Meet Jessie. The Toy Story character that shall name Debian’s next release. Isn’t she adorable?

Here’s Jessie!!!

3 thoughts on “Here’s Jessie!!!

  1. still love CrunchBang 11. Love what Wheezy is bringing us. Can’t wait to see what Jessie has in mind. Do you run CurnchBang? TRF has transitioned to self-hosted blog. Would appreciate you leaving comment so that we know everything is working.

    1. pedro says:

      Yep, still use crunch. i did pointed u out #!. i dont believe i’ll change distro’s anytime soon. i would use it more, but my work desktop had bios fried after update, and my laptop won’t run it propperly since it has hybrid graphics. )= please do send me new url!!! 😉 PS: saw a great Arch fork called Manjaro. Looks really good and it’s bleeding edge. kudos

      1. CrunchBang keeps getting better and better. I’m hooked. Once you get used to Openbox everything else is just annoying. bios fried…wow! Never had that happen. URL’s should be the same. Would appreciate if you’d check and let me know. (, Either should work. 🙂

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