So today is a day where i start some of my resolutions. Most people do it on new years eve, I like to do them on September. Mainly because I used to do them on summer break and after my holidays. And I kinda like it.
So today I aimed until the end of the year, the following resolutions:
1) Shave my hair often so it can get strong
2) Quit smoking and drinking coffe on a regular basis
3) Get fit and loose about 10kg

The most easy one is #1 simply because I kinda like it. But the other ones are a pain. #2 is often associated with colleagues and being social. I kinda enjoy those, but my body seems to get affected by those.
#3 because I’m not the way I wanted: I get tired sometimes when I run, and I miss looking fit the way I used to back in the day when I did swimming on a serious way.

So during the next few weeks, I’ll be feeding up some info about the progress I’ve been making and, hopefully not, the setbacks.


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