Look what x-mas brought in


Yes, im an HTC fanboy, but i got an excelent deal on this: 400$ with no contract, as for the whit version was 600$ with no contract as well. Don’t ask me what the thig is with whitey here, but could’t care less xD. As for the HTC devices, they’re jsut 2 expensive for me. that’s the truth.

That’s right. A brand new Xperia S!!! I’ve been playing with it 2 days now, and it’s kinda cool. Not as quick or responsive as i inmagined it would be, but prolly because i still havent made a full factory reset. The camera is just super, for what i’ve toyed around, one of the best, if not the best of android phones.

Screen quality is just marvelous, And the rear speaker, blows any competition. For a phone that’s one year old, is still kicking ass, and it will be for many moons to come if sony decides to keeps this baby in the loop for oficial updates.

One Thing thoug: dont let the pictures fool ya in terms of the design. It’s a relativly thin phone, light yet it feels pretty robust to the grip.

Here are the specs for ya to see.

Look what x-mas brought in

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