Dear Sony, fuck you?!?!

I’m quite happy with the terminal i bought for x-mas. I trully am. It has been a good companion. On a personal side of things, it seems i bought it ages ago. Really, ages ago, and it was only on late december.

At the time, i was keen to buy a nexus 4. I really wanted a nexus 4. That thing with the “pure” android experience, really has a certain glamour to tech geeks. But for some strange reason, google limited the access to it’s terminals. And thus, I had to find an alternative x-mas gift for myself. Hence the Xperia S.
It was about the same price range (god know why it had a 50% off just for being white), even thou the specs were a bit “old” in late December, it could still perform quite decently, community was flourishing, especially on xda where it was considered the best phone as for Sony considered the best OEM of 2012. Want to know why?

1) Very first phone  to be integrated on the nexus (open source) project
2) Had official way to unlock the bootloader
3) Sony had yet to fail

And this the point of interest: SONY IS FAILING TERRIBLY!

At this point very much of sony’s new phones come with JB 4.1 or 4.2., and worse than that 2 more terrible things to add to this : many of the phones are low end, even “newer” ones have a bit less high end specs have it updated.

Another thing, is most definitely  being that my xperia S will be upgraded to 4.1.2 when in fact google is preparing to launch 4.3 (yes not 5.0) version of android. Point being, 4.2 is way consolidated, and one does not understand the point of Sony to upgrade it’s phones to a loew version of android. In fact, at the time Sony probably started working on it’s updates, 4.2 was already there (afaik).


Yes I could, but I’ve noticed, 2 important things that to me are key, and were main reasons to buy this lovely piece of tech industry:

1)      Camera quality

2)      Battery length

Camera underperformed with a custom rom on it (afaik it was because of late updates from Sony, and devs could not get proper drivers or something) and battery was ripped of in less of a day, or a day. With stock firmware, I get 2 days out of it, with my usage.


So yeah, I’m pissed of with Sony for the above mentioned reasons. It’s a beautiful phone, and I really don’t know why they don’t at least keep updating with regular and bleeding edge tech, it’s flagship phones. But specially the S. Even Samsung (afaik) allowed users to update SGSII to JB at a fashion timely manner.

So Sony I don’t want you to go fuck yourself. I want, we all want you to keep up doing great phones (and other stuff), to have your market share do your stuff that we all like, and pushing industry forward. But PLEASE: don’t take a shit on old customer’s head please. This phone as I mentioned is a piece of history (and it really is) and deserves better treatment and respect from you guys. And we don’t want you guys to turn out to be the new HTC. No we don’t.

Dear Sony, fuck you?!?!

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