ElementaryOS Luna | Post Install – part II

Elementary_logo.svg_Now, after installing my software of choice, I’m gonna make my experience as smooth and optimal for me.

THIS IS A WiP. So it will be updated according to my needs and laziness

1. Disable Guest Session uppon login screen
To achieve this, one needs to edit the lightdm config file. open your terminal and type:

$ sudo geany /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Note: Geany here, is my default editor. replace it for other one you like.

Now add the following line


NOTE: this usually works on ubuntu. It doesn’t work, however, in elementary. At least for the time being.

2. Remove that overlay scrollbar
I simply dont like that overlay bar. It sucks for me. And in elementary, it’s only enable for certain things. so here’s how to completely remove it.

Type this in the terminal and for changes to take efect, just logout and login.

$ sudo apt-get remove scrollbar*

3. Configure hot corners
Just do as you please.

4. Switch button-layout to classical mode

Screenshot from 2013-06-16 17:22:25

I call it classical mode. By decision, the devs decided to have by default, close and maximize option on the windows. I kinda hate that! (hey, cant pelase everyone ^^) So in order have the classical mode, here’s how you do it:

Install dconf-editor

$ sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

After that run dconf-editor and go to the following

org > pantheon > desktop > gala > appearance > button-layout

and replace close:maximize for :minimize,maximize,close

as you can see, the changes take place immediately 😀

5. Edit your dock

This will facilitate a lot your usability. Choose wisely when cleaning your stuff and organizing it. I usually organize it in groups

a) web: browser(s)
b) IM stuff: irc client and pidgin
c) p2p stuff: amule and or torrent client
d) music player
e) handy stuff: terminal and file manager

6. Remove unwanted Elementary apps (optional)
I don’t like/use Totem Player, the calender app or even the e-mail application Geary Mail. I dont even use Ubuntu’s Software manager. So let’s remove them

$ sudo apt-get remove geary*
$ sudo apt-get remove totem*
$ sudo apt-get remove maya-calender*
$ sudo apt-get remove software-center*
ElementaryOS Luna | Post Install – part II

2 thoughts on “ElementaryOS Luna | Post Install – part II

    1. pedro says:

      well, I just prefer it that way. software center is just bloat to me. I’ve learned to mess with linux just with the help of it. and in truth, you only solve problems by using cli. so why not doing everything under the hood using it? 😉

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