How to optimize your internet connection for p2p


So in order to avoy all the cluster-fuck it may be caused to your internet connection while using any p2p client, you first need to attain certain aspects, like:

a) type of connection
b) download speed
c) upload speed

But first you need to setup your router ports

Now, say you have a broadband adsl connection of 24Mb 24000 Mbps/1024 Mbps
In order to get real dl/ul speeds, you only need to run a simple math operation, wich is to devide the values of your dl/ul by 8

dl: 24000kbs/8= 3000kbs
ul: 1024gbs/8= 128kbs

But these are the real speeds, but still don’t go running and put them on you p2p client settings. This alone won’t prevent the cluster-fucking on your connection and keep it of being sluggish, and screwing up, say you access speeds to your gMail account or anything else for that matter, using your browser.

To get a more optimized access, you’ll need still to take 25% off from these values.
dl: 3000 – 750 (25%) = 2250Kbs
ul: 128 – 32 (25%) = 96Kbs

In order to optimize it even more, you may want to consider this and this.

01 02 03Now your router/modem can take deep breaths and provide you a stable connection. šŸ˜€


How to optimize your internet connection for p2p

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