Android 4.2.2 for Sony Xperia S | OpenSEMC


So after reading for a bit in forums, and online communities and watching a couple of youtube’s videos, I’ve found out that FreeXperia wasn’t the only one building custom roms for Xperia S. I’ve found out that the maitner for Ubuntu Touch, is also building CM Based Rom for this phone, with a particular touch: using OpenSource!

As you may know, Xperia S was the first phone ever(!) to be integrated on Google’s AOSP project outside the Nexus Project, meaning everything developed was made on a OpenSource anf fully GPL compliant.

Since this has a limited time, because it’s a non Nexus device, all official development has stopped. But RaymanFX, has kept going, and has this VERY stable, but not bug free CM based Custom Rom .

RaymanFX is currently working also on building a Android 4.3 Kernel and keep on pushing OpenSource to it’s limits.

Without further ado, please head to this page, download the latest build.

Here’s a tutorial on how to propperly flash it to your phone. BUT: keep in mind that RaymanFX, has chosen TWRP’s recovery, which differs from this video.

XDA official thread:
Download Gapps:

Android 4.2.2 for Sony Xperia S | OpenSEMC

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