MIUI V5 for Xperia S

So I decided to try Xiaomi’s Custom OS, called MIUI, extremelly well ported to my beloved Xperia S. It’s based on Sony’s official Stock FW 6.2.B.1.96, hence, it’s running android 4.1.2.

It’s a very pretty ROM. Really good looking, still, very sluggish when I try to play some games like Stickman Downhill, for example. It’s good enough for day to day tasks like browsing the internet, checking social media, call and texting, but that’s just about it. for some more power users and performance freaks, this is not your thing. Battery life is ok, but then again, since you can’t i.e. play some more “heavy” games like the one mentioned, it’s easy for battery last more.


Here are the magic links for your testing stuff. Enjoy it. For more infor on the rom, head to XDA’s thread here: http://goo.gl/bhBFw8

ROM: http://goo.gl/DbBOCG
Small GApps: http://goo.gl/bAmJS1

MIUI V5 for Xperia S

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