Away time


Hello fellas.
I don’t expect many of you reading this but here goes:
I’m deeply sorry for this almost 4 month interregnum.
I’ve quite occupied with some personal problems mainly related to job issues. I’m almost 32 and some perspectives on my age that should’ve been presented by now, aren’t quite there yet. So I’ve focused on those and had to drop some of the things I liked to do, some of those blogging, doing Linux related stuff, encoding stuff. I even stopped using Linux!
Yep I have. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it any more but some of those projects I want to pursue are not Linux compatible, and I’ve just been to last and don’t have the time or strength to keep tinkering with Linux or even running Linux.
I’ve adopted windows 8.1, which is quite fine for my daily needs, but I do miss that command line. I was hoping to get a Linux laptop running, but I miss a HDD sata2 for it.
Those are rare and I can’t find any bargains…
So I’ll try to post in a more regular fashion particularly android and movie related stuff.

Until then, hack on peepz!

Away time

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