Got myself a One Plus


Hello there.
Just posting to let you know, what my new terminal is. That’s right, the very hyped terminal the One+ One.

As you know, I’m an HTC fanboy, and I was going to buy the 2013 HTC One M7 back in May, since I was getting tired of the Xperia S. But the terminal was defected: the camera sensor, was kind funky and was having the famous purple tint, and the deal was off. Fast forward I got this sweet deal to buy a Nexus 5, and was actually arranging the last terms of the deal about 280€ for the 32gb version, when out of the but i got an email saying I got an invite.

I was actually not giving a fuck about the OPO anymore, since I was one of the very first forum members and wasn’t given an invite at the fist batches, and was already waiting too much for get it. So the M7 and later the N5 presented themselves to be a good deal.

So I waited about 4 days o get my hands on it. Shipping was ok, the customer service Ok, with some bumps, particularly concerning the shipping status (brace yourselves). After that, all the splendor of the Sandstone 64gb Model was there in my lap (:

I’m gonna post some thoughts and a small review of it pretty soon, an also a few tutorials as well, so stay tuned.


Got myself a One Plus

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