How to root One+ One without flashing a custom recovery


To my amaze, I noticed that inspite being a CyanogenMod phone, it didnt came with the bootloader unlocked or rooted. But, to my understanding this a a google thing, and no device is allowed to be like so straight out of the box. But onde more, being this a CM Inc. phone, it shouldnt be thar hard to unlock your phone’s bootloader and unleash it’s full power, right? right! (:

I’ve chosen not to install a custom recovery for now, because I want to be able to get all the OTA’s CM might provide. Hence, Everytime CM launches a new update, I’m able to get the OTA’s without having to flash an entire new image.

(So, first things first: I’m running Window$ 8.1, so you need to update your machine thoroughly before you begin)

Tools you need

  1. adb drivers
  2. fastboot
  3. get a custom recovery
  4. SuperSU Binary


  1. install drivers on your machine
  2. unlock bootloader
  3. flash the damn thing!!!

Let’s rock n’ roll!

A. Getting the necessary software

ADB Drivers

Most import thing here are the drivers. I rant into a little issue concerning the drivers, since OnePlus didnt design the drivers for th OPO. So the obvious thing to do is to get the Universal ADB Drivers. It didnt worked for me, so i searched a bit more and found this thread on the OP Forums, that solved the thing completly. The alternate method consists on intalliong (believe it or not sam$ung’s drivers). It simply work. I do recomend this method, inspite the download is bit bigger.  (I’m not detailing on how to install the driver. You may choose to follow the link provided to do so. Remember how difficult it was to instal a sound card or a VGA webcam? same method 😉 )


We’ll use TWRP since it has more development undergoing and support as well. REMEMBER: always use the newst file available. Get TWRP here


Go get it here!!! (:

B. Unlocking bootloader  this will WIPE ALL YOUR STUFF!

Unzip the fasboot folder copy inside all the files: recovery, supersu.

Pushing [Shift] key right click insode the folder and select Open command line here

check if device is found by typing:

$ fastboot devices

and you should get something like this:


Proceed to unlocking the bootloader by typing:

$ fastboot oem unlock

wait for it to be done and then type

$ fastboot reboot

now you have your bootloader unlocked. what you need to do is, after the phone is completely booted up, drag the SuperSU zip file, into your phone’s main directory.

Before proceeding, activate the developer options and enable usb debugging and disable CM Recovery Protection like the picture shown below. It’s enabled by default.


Rename the recovery file to bacon.img (;

After making shure you’ve put the .zip in your phone, reboot your phone into fastboot mode

C. Now let’s proceed to rooting.


$fastboot boot bacon.img

this will make your phone boot using TWRP recovery image. Wait ±30seconds. Don’t panic!  After getting the TWRP menu, proceed to flashing the SuperSU zip file like you’d normaly do, and reboot the device.


Sources: XDA and OnePlus Forums

How to root One+ One without flashing a custom recovery

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