[TugaPower] The best CyanogenMod 12 rom for the OnePlus One

Greetings, sailors.

As you can see from the post title, this is all about Lollipop love for the Oneplus One. I’ve always been a bit reluctant on using non-oficial releases for my devices. It’s cool, don’t ge me wrong, but there’s always some trust issues triggered when using custom roms, particularly non official ones.

But since I own a developer friendly phone, I’ve decided to try CyanogenMod 12, meaning a lollipop android 5.X.X rom, on my phone. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been using it since early January, and I couldn’t recommend any other rom. Not even cyanogen’s. Here’s why:

  • Ive strted using it mainly because it’s compiled in Portugal (which is something rare these days)
  • I’ve known the compiler for a while now from zee interwebs. And he’s a cool motherfucker.
  • It comes with SuperSu on it, contrary to official CM12
  • It incorporates latest CM12 bug fixing and voodoo and goodness.
  • It has an awesome battery life
  • It self-updates if you choose to (via OTA)

Shure it’s buggy at somethings, but keep in mind that CM12 is not yet finished. So having a solid lollipop rom, its pretty cool.

Things I dislike:

  • Release cycle It has daily updates: every single fucking day, at around 22h00 (10pm) CET. The mirror where it’s hosted, is fast as lightning. I simply don’t like to be noticed everyday of updates
  • The release numbering. It’s always TugaPowerV[something] not TugaPowerV1. Something. It just pisses me off.
  • Not having stuff like the official camera app (from OPO’s 4.4.4 stable release), as a default app.

But these are only minor things. I’m using it and I recommend it above all things similar.

I’m hoping the developer kindly addresses these issues of mine. But he probably wont. ^^


For further inquiries and to keeop up to date, please join the Google+ community here: http://goo.gl/5gdRfV

PS: Have a wonderfull and awesome 2015, sailors!


[TugaPower] The best CyanogenMod 12 rom for the OnePlus One

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