That’s right. like I’ve previously told, I’m getting my hands on a brand new SDD drive.
I’ve already got one, a very reliable Samsung 840pro but unfortunately it’s only 120gb, and I’m dual-booting. Yes, I’m into the dual-booting business  mostly because photo editing. So 120gb is kind short for some things I wanna do in Linux and keeping a windows OS. So I’m getting a new SSD. This time I’ve chosen Crucial.I’ve picked Curutial mostly because the pricve/quality ratio (like almost all my shopping). I’ve gone for the 200gb Crucial MX200. I wasn’t looking for top speeds and performance, I was after the speed, quality and endurance aspect of the SSD, with a balanced price tag. Hence, Crucial presented itself as the ideal candidate.

I did however, contemplated the Samsung 850pro series, but it had a price that I simply wasn’t willing to pay for.

I really want to make a new Debian installation on this, so i can try it out!!! 😀

That’s all for now, sailors.


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