Get SUDO working on Debian

So you’ve just installed you fresh copy of Debian Jessie, and you’re keen to test it via the terminal and update it, and you find out, sudo isn’t installed and for you, like for I is quite a bummer.

So here’s how to quickly and in a very simple way install sudo and make it work for ya, sailors.

1. Login in into root by typing su followed by root password


2. Install SUDO

apt-get install sudo

3. Add your user to the SUDOers list


usermod -a -G sudo [your_username]


BANG!  You got sudo working for ya!


Get SUDO working on Debian

2 thoughts on “Get SUDO working on Debian

  1. ajxn says:

    Or do the propper way and actually read the text that each step in the installation is accompanied with?

    If you read the text about root use, you will learn that if you don’t give the root user any root password, it will be locked, sudo will be installed and your next user will be able to run sudo as usual.

    1. I do know. An I could, but it isn’t the purpose of this post. And also, maybe it’s just bad luck, but the few times I’ve tried that, it didnt worked at all for me.
      Thanks for dropping by, mate! Cheers!

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