My take on Fedora – Follow Up

Hey there sailors.

On previous fedora related post, I’ve stated I would force myself to use for a month, Fedora 22. To see if I could be out of the debian based released distros for a while. Truth is, I couldn’t.

Fedora 22
Don’t get me wrong: FEDORA RULES. Rock solid, and the DE gnome 3.16 implementation was mostly awesome. But it seemed to me like a transitional version of Fedora. And I couldn’t, I simply couldn’t live with Google Chrome’s tearing issues and SELinux security warning everytime I opened the browser. Also, rhythmbox failed to add my music files to the library. Don’t know why, really.
I wasn’t too keen to keep on pushing and posting into forums and spending time looking for solutions online. I’m not into that right now. I repeat: right now. a lot of shit is happening right now, and I’m directing my energies towards solving it.Ubuntu 14.04
Right now I’m running Ubuntu 14.04. WHY!?!?
Well it does everything I ask of it. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Debian Gnome (XFCE stopped outputting sound when I pushed the mute button so I’ve never installed it since) but not with XBMC. It keeps crashing. And I profoundly detest it. And I don’t want to spend a lot of time looking around for answers. I’ve tried ubuntu gnome 15.04, but meh. has a few expected bug, but it annoys me, whisch were solved by upgrading the kernel to version 4.0, but some other mirror related bugs reappeared and 14.04 it was.

Again, Ubuntu 14.04 does everything I ask of it with 0 crash report, bugs and runs rock solid. It runs flawlessly. Just wished a new kernel was on it, but it’s cool.
To wrap up, I hope to try fedora in a near future and give fedora the proper treatment it deserves as a product, until then buntu is my home.

My take on Fedora – Follow Up

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