Got my hands on a laptop


Yes sir, yes sir. Got my hands on an old laptop.  Used to be my father in law’s and here’s the quick story:

  1. t’was acting funny with too many blue and black screens (trapped in boot)
  2. tried to save stuff with a linux live cd but…
  3. hdd broke down an bios password came up (wtf?!?)
  4. great dude bought himself a new laptop ditching this one to me

It’s the Toshiba Satellite A110-179, from circa 2006. Here’s the spec run down (in spanish but you’ll get the gist):

I’m planning on using it as a daily machine, and leaving the desktop for photo editing or something more heavier on resources. And yes, using Windows 10. Perhaps dual-booting linux, but I don’t really know at this point.

Be sure to check my Google+ profile, to keep yourselves posted.

Spoiler: I already checked if it runs by putting the latest sdd I bought and it does. Nicely, I might add.

Got my hands on a laptop

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