USB CABLES – Volutz Cableogy


I was in need of some good quality USB cables. And also, at the time, I’m not planning on getting any device with USB-C, so I got my self these nifty 5pack USB 2.0 cables. More than plenty for the tasks I usually do and devices I own.

So I came across these cables by a Swedish company called Voltz, I’ve never heard of before. Upon reading some reviews, and talking with some folk over G+ OPO Portuguese community, I was more than decided. It took a while to get them, since amazonUK now charges shipping fees to Portugal, so I had to wait to make a group buy in order to share those costs.


The main reason for choosing was the power output: it can charge stuff without loosing any of the power through the cables, like shitty ones do. This is the real shit baby.

Plus I’ve read that these babies were really tough and could handle a beating pretty well, and so it seems so. They’re hard as steel. True story.

Also they come in a 5 pack with different colors between them, optimal for easy management, if you have lots of stuff connected.

There’s also a 5 pack with different sizes, but at the time of purchase, they weren’t available, hence this option.

If you’re planning on getting new cables for some older equipment and devices, this is the stuff!

USB CABLES – Volutz Cableogy

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