Windows 10 | Post Install

Yes, the day has come. Me testing a fresh install of windows 10 and bringing you a very nimble post install on this thing. So let’s get to it.

Check for updates

First things first:like on linux, also in Windows you should look for them cool updates one needs after a clean and new fresh install. it gives you better and overall a more solid performance of windows, andalso see if some driver updates are also ready.

So press the windows logo and type updateyou should be prompted with a cog to search and eventually install those updates.

update_01update_02 Reboot! (Very important)

Before installing anything at all, be sure o plan your folders. Wait, what’s that?

Well to simply put it, you plan your folders and divide them by categories so you have everything nice and tidy and organized.

For example: I’ll be creating a older specifically for multimedia tools, and another for browsers.

Install another browser

I’ve been stuck for many years now to Firefox and also Chrome. So either one for me is fine. But Firefox thinks otherwise.

Install antivirus and spyware

I’ve been using Avast for ages now. I’ve found it to be the best free Antivirus there is. Might not be the best, overall, but it’s the best bang for the buck, imho.

Flash Player

Oh, dont forget to install Flash Player. Firefox still needs it.

Multimedia tools

I like to keep things nice and tidy. Also as simple as possible. So for a decent movie player and or Video Codec Pack and also audio playing  I go old school: I choose CCCP for the videos side of things, which comes bundled with Media Player Classic and for the audio side,  I go for the mighty awesome foobar.

update_17 update_18 update_19

Some foobar sweetness (pay attentioon to the foder path ^_^ )

update_15 update_16

Some more utilities

A pdf reader is mandatory, if you don’t like windows default one. I’ve used foxit for a very long time.


foYou’ll also need software to compress or unpack files. Winrar might be an alternative, but i prefer 7zip.


Really cool thing about them is that both of them are cross platforms, which is something I always consider when choosing software.
The last thing I choose to install is the free app by adobe called Photoshop. Yes, free. You can download it via the Store. It works quite well, for simple editing of your pics. Just wish the command keys followed the more traditional ones.


And that’s it, you now have a pretty decent system that could perform most of the tasks one might encounter.

Let me know how you think this small tutorial could be improved. Much apreciated. A second part will be made as shortly as possible.


Windows 10 | Post Install

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