Windows Update 1511-10586

Now this is something so big, it even had a blogpost  from Microsoft itself. I’ve been kinda away, I’m changing houses, moving in with the missus so this post is a tad overdue. Anyways i forced checked for updates and I’m greeted with the message to upgrade to the new Windows 10.


It seems kinda new and a very important milestone. It is for me since it’s downloading 25min now, through lan.

Pay attention: THIS MIGHT HARM YOUR PC! IT’S BUGGY MOTHERF**R. So update it with a grain of salt.

Here’s some couple of links for ya’ll  curious ones on whats new with this “New Windows 10”, since Windows doesnt give you any details from the system update app.

Here’s also a video by Mathew showing things.

If you haven’t it already, go to your menu and type


and you should have no problems on starting the update.


Windows Update 1511-10586

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