A return to CyanogenMod

I’ve been using CyanogenOS for my OPO since the lollipop release (plus root, obviously) and I’ve been frankly disappointed.

I tried, honestly. But for a flagship phone, or for the original flagship killerrrr (not a typo), the OS needs to be pristine and very much bug-free. Which admittedly it isn’t by a long shot. At least in my humble experience.

I started to experience some weird issues since the first update. And I mean weird. Here are some of the issues.

  1. Lost of Wi-Fi passwords and networks: strangely I got these few times after getting some random reboots. Out of the blue. I can tolerate them on nightlies, but never on a supposed finished product.
  2. Wi-Fi icon from drop-down malfunctions at times: it said I was connected when I wasn’t and vice-versa.
  3. Random phone freezing: sometimes the phone just froze. Out of the blue. This didn’t happened with a specific app or kind of apps. It was random.
  4. Stuttering: it laaggggeeeed like hell at time. Again: randomly.
  5. Some incomprehensible bloat ie. True caller: I mean who actually finds that useful or thinks that protects your privacy?
  6. Another thing was that dialer: DUDE!?! that deviates so much from what a caller should be, it hurts. And you can’t even customize your favorite contacts order.
  7. Didn’t had a default music player: wtf?
  8. Weirdest problem in calls: 8/10 calls, people kept saying they couldn’t listen to me. Microphone just went berserk!
  9. That black theme: the default jellybean theme was quite alright. I knew a  bunch of users that used it, including myself. But the lollipop variation… no thanks.
  10. Loss of signal: that’s right baby, I did lost network signal when phone was idle.

These are simple too many issues to have on a finished product that had more than enough time to mature and to be corrected. So I’ll head back to the community side of things, where you might find bugs, but you have freedom, a huge community to help you overcome any issues and constant developing that squashes them bugs.

A return to CyanogenMod

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