Install PVR Client on Fedora

So if want have TV on your Kodi, safe bet is you’ll need PVRclient. But the Linux release of Kodi, doesn’t have it by default. So one needs to additionally install it.

NOTE: this is valid for every linux version. Instalation process may vary according to your distro.

Here’s a simple way to do it

1. go to this page: and download the package corresponding the fedora version you run and your system architecture.


2. open your terminal in the folder where you’ve downloaded the package to and type:pvr03

sudo rpm -ivh [your_pacakge_name].rpm

(if it asks permission to install aditional packages say YES)

3. Now, open kodi and navigate to system > addons > my addons, and you now can see your Tvaddon you just installed.pvr01pvr02

You may now use IPTV on your Kodi setup.


Install PVR Client on Fedora

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