CyanogenMod 13.0 – Finally a new Snapshot!

It’s been 4 months since CM released the last Snapshot. 4 months! Yes, that much time. But the wait, is no more.
What I like about these snapshots, is that it gives the correct balance between enough bleeding edge and also stability. There are some that say that CyanogenOS is based on these releases.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used Nightlys, and I do recommend very much, TugaPower Rom, but I kinda enjoy the sweet spot given by the Snapshots.
But usually these releases are monthly. It reflects and compiles all the major bug fixes and features committed and introduced from the Nightlys branch. I compare this (to some extent) with the LTS releases from Ubuntu.

During these months I’ve been having annoyances on my OPO, namely not being able to change the lockscreen wallpaper and connection to my network, more specifically when it came out of roaming. All these now seem pretty solved.

It did not, however, solved the Quadrooter issue. Apparently, this is something that might be here to stay for a while for all the devices non Blackberry. That company seems to have found a patch for it.

Anyway, the most significant changes from this release:

  • Wi-Fi Tethering – automatically turn off hotspot after X minutes of inactivity
  • Profiles – add notification light controls
  • Do Not Disturb/Priority Mode – add notification light controls
  • Privacy Guard/App data usage – Restrict apps to Wi-Fi or Cellular data only or block all internet access, per app
  • Bluetooth Devices battery support – For compatible devices, a new battery icon will appear in the status bar to show the paired devices’ battery level
  • Lockscreen Wallpaper picker makes its return
  • Lockscreen Weather and new Weather plug in support
  • Lockscreen Blur support (on a per device basis) and the ability to disable the effect
  • Live Lockscreen support
  • New LiveDisplay hardware enhancements and API
  • Snap Camera (per device basis)
  • Gello Browser (per device basis)
  • Lots of translations
  • Cyanogen Apps support (x86 is not supported yet)
  • Additional CM SDK APIs
  • Security fixes galore

Now, head over to the download section here, and flash away!

CyanogenMod 13.0 – Finally a new Snapshot!

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