Factory reset Kodi Installation

As you can see from the screenshot bellow, I have a lot of things on my Kodi. Too many. most of them come from kodi 14.x.

Too messy and too much non- essential stuff

So i like to reset everything from time time, just like phones and computers, to keep things as much smoothly as possible.

Or when I’m just bored or fed-up with the current state of thing I simply drop the bomb.

So all you have to do is delete one single folder on your system:

For linux machines

First lets show hidden folders, by pressing  ctrl+h

Delete the following folder


on Windows

on Start menu type



Delete everything.
And voilá!


Once you re-open Kodi it will repopulate everything and update itself back up. Brand new!

Adios, Sailors!

Factory reset Kodi Installation

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