FEDY – Swiss army knife for Fedora


Greetings sailors.

The last time I’ve installed Fedora almost a year ago, I decided like always, to make a post-install tutorial trying to show how to make Fedor more compete and robust.
I did everything throug the command line interface, since it’s my preferred method of working on linux.
But, I enjoy the KISS philosophy like most if not all of you guys and galls.
So the more I got into the awesome word of Fedora I got to know lovely and most awesome must-have tool. Enter FEDY!

It allows one to tweak, customize and install loads of things on one’s system.
From codecs, to browsers, from themes to pimping up the terminal, this is a very powerful app. After getting to know this tool, I cannot not recommend using this tool.

So hit the following commands on your terminal and tame your fedora.

bash -c 'su -c "curl http://folkswithhats.org/fedy-installer -o fedy-installer && chmod +x fedy-installer && ./fedy-installer"'

Hail Fedy. Long live Fedy!

BUT!… If you’re like me, you’ll probably keep on rocking the command line 😉


Source: http://bit.ly/2euaa9m

FEDY – Swiss army knife for Fedora

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