New machine – Blissful tech


This is  a very and long overdue post.

I bought this lovely skylake based machine last November as a replacement of the old laptop I was given. the last one was alright fo some very light tasks, like reading emails and pay some bills. But if I wanted to, say, have some YouTube content or read some news on NY Times or CNN, the computer just went slow as a snail.

So I decided to get my hands a new machine that allowed me some portability and horsepower, that allowed me to do daily tasks, photo editing (yes it’s about damn time I’m back at it again) and also future proofing.

I took look at what OEMs where giving for the €600 target, and I was utterly disappointed. So I was given this #protip to take a look to some white brands and I founds this base by Topstar.

It may not look much at first, but  it can pack a lot of power. Also the screen is bright more than enough to work outside. Also on this silver version, it pretty much looks like an Apple machine. (I might dwell on the hackintosh later this year ^_^)

Here’s some hardware specs for €624:

  1. Skylake core i5-6200U
  2. 8GB Kingston RAM
  3. Intel Wireless AC 867Mbs + BT
  4. It packs a 256Gb SSD disk previously discussed here

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New machine – Blissful tech

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