Static IP Address and DNS Change on Windows

Hello all!

Today let’s make that IP Static and change the dns address.

The static ip address can be useful for example, if you have a lot of devices at home or office,  and want to keep track of every single one of them. The dns aspect side of the thing, allows one for instance to access blocked websites if your ISP or goverment blocked them.

Let’s begin.

01. Open the terminal and type

$ ipconfig


and here’s the the output that matters.

all you need here is the netmask address for later on.

02. Now open your your system settings and choose network > IPv4


And change the global settings of IPv4 from this:


to this:


Note: The IP chosen is merely illustrative and serves my porpoises. but as you can see the Netmask is the same as the one you got it outup from step

Points to keep in mind

Gateway is normally the first IP adress from your router.

03. Now turn the DNS automatic settings off and type in your desired adresses. I prefer the openDNS for a matter of usage, you can choose google’s or anyone you’d like from this list:

here’s the openDNS adresses:

04. Don’t forget to tick Validate settings upon exit!!!

Reboot your machine, and your done. You can now pretty much all zee interwebz and have a static ip adress.

Static IP Address and DNS Change on Windows

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