born in a january dusky morning of the late year of 1983 in portugal, for it’s misfortune


it is impossible to convey the life-sensation of any given epoch of one’s existence that which makes its truth, its meaning its subtle and penetrating essence. it is impossible. we live, as we dream, alone.
Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad

I’m a FOSS advocate. tinkerer. film enthusiast. cycling fan. occasional urban landscape photographer. I like tea and to read.

initially I created this tiny space so I can share and explore my geek and tech enthusiast side, and to create sort of a cheat-sheet, but now its base to all my cybernetic endeavors.

I also like to take pictures. I’m currently using a Fujifilm x100s but I occasionally use film.

for any comercial use of the pictures or work inquieries, drop a line:

pmm.andrade [at] gmail [dot] com