Last.Fm Scrobbler on Kodi

image from wiki.

Remember Last.FM from the beginning of last decade? Well some of us still use it. I’ve been scobling since 2006! Time flies. Well, now I’ve decided yo use Kodi as my go to music library manager.

I keep scrobbling as much as I can. So I need to have the scribbler activated, obviously. So here’s how you can do it

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Last.Fm Scrobbler on Kodi

Krypton is here – first thing to do


So the new final version of Kodi is here. A lot of under the hood has been changed and updated, namely better support for 4K playback and devices,, also and better and stronger support for DTS audio streams.

Anyway, the very first thing you should do after install, besides letting it update some included add-ons, is to allow Unknown sources. Yes, you read it well.

Kinda like android devices, this release of Kodi has included it as a safety measure so it doesn’t bork the installations or compromise the system’s security.

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Krypton is here – first thing to do

Factory reset Kodi Installation

As you can see from the screenshot bellow, I have a lot of things on my Kodi. Too many. most of them come from kodi 14.x.

Too messy and too much non- essential stuff

So i like to reset everything from time time, just like phones and computers, to keep things as much smoothly as possible.

Or when I’m just bored or fed-up with the current state of thing I simply drop the bomb.

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Factory reset Kodi Installation

Install PVR Client on Fedora

So if want have TV on your Kodi, safe bet is you’ll need PVRclient. But the Linux release of Kodi, doesn’t have it by default. So one needs to additionally install it.

NOTE: this is valid for every linux version. Instalation process may vary according to your distro.

Here’s a simple way to do it

1. go to this page: and download the package corresponding the fedora version you run and your system architecture.


2. open your terminal in the folder where you’ve downloaded the package to and type:pvr03

sudo rpm -ivh [your_pacakge_name].rpm

(if it asks permission to install aditional packages say YES)

3. Now, open kodi and navigate to system > addons > my addons, and you now can see your Tvaddon you just installed.pvr01pvr02

You may now use IPTV on your Kodi setup.


Install PVR Client on Fedora