Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus | Post-install guide

Gotta love that LTS experience!

Going back in time and decided to use a stable and solid ubuntu release, until the next LTS release in april 2018.

it’ been running practically without hiccups, so it’s my distro at the moment. Just hope that Ubuntu Gnome stays an independent branch until there. Fingers crossed.

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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus | Post-install guide

Static IP Address and Change DNS on Fedora

Hello all!

Today let’s make that IP Static and change the dns address.

A for the static ip, i can be useful for example, if you have a lot of devices at home or office,  and want to keep track of every single one of them. The dns aspect side of the thing, allows one for instance to access blocked websites if your ISP or goverment blocked them.

So let’s do this the easy way, meaning through the GUI side of things.

Let’s begin.

01. Open the terminal and type

$ ifconfig

01and here’s the the output that matters. Continue reading “Static IP Address and Change DNS on Fedora”

Static IP Address and Change DNS on Fedora

Fedora 24 – Simple post-install guide


Yes, back at the scene after a period of absence due to personal issues. And, guess what: back at Fedora linux too. To my core, I do think this is the distro to stick with. I really feel at home.

I was keen to try the fedora 25 beta, but decided to stick with the current stable release of Fedora.

In the previous post I acclaimed the powers and versatility of Fedy. But old habits die hard and I decided to keeo on doing stuff via the command line interface.
So let us begin . shall we? Continue reading “Fedora 24 – Simple post-install guide”

Fedora 24 – Simple post-install guide